Finding Low Cost Cremation Insurance

low cost cremation insurance

Low cost cremation insurance is a type of whole life insurance that is used for protecting families from the unexpected and the expected. When someone suddenly passes away often families are hit hard financially from this unexpected tragedy. However, it is expected that we all will die at some point. So, we can plan ahead for this event and protecting yourself from rising funeral expenses is a part of the puzzle. Call us at 800-517-0810 for instant low cost cremation insurance quotes.


Low cost cremation insurance is often called funeral insurance, final expense insurance, burial insurance and whole life insurance. Cremation insurance is typically small whole life insurance policies with face values ranging from $3,000 to $40,000. has access to 25 of the best cremation insurance companies in the US and some of our companies have plans available up to $40,000 if a higher face amount is needed.

Low cost cremation insurance policies are super affordable especially if you purchase your plan when you are younger in age. All cremation insurance plans have fixed payments that will never increase. This makes low cost cremation insurance easy to budget for because your payment remains the same for your entire life.

Who should consider a Low Cost Cremation Insurance policy?

You know your budget better than we do and every situation is different. However, asking yourself what you want the cremation insurance policy to do is an important first question. What kind of savings do you have in place? Will the low cost cremation insurance plan only be covering just your funeral expenses? Will you need to purchase additional coverage for loved ones or family members? These are just some questions to think about. So, who should consider buying a low cost cremation insurance policy?


Anyone that doesn’t have life insurance in place and anyone who doesn’t have enough in savings to cover their funeral expenses would be the perfect candidates. Of course, we offer cremation insurance plans for children, young adults and seniors as well. So, really everyone and anyone should consider a cremation insurance policy, if they are looking for lifelong protection and a more permanent life insurance protection.

What does Cremation Insurance cover?

Low cost cremation insurance it most often used for paying for end of time funeral expenses. However, your beneficiary can choose how to they manage these funds. Cremation insurance can cover other final expenses like medical bills, credit card debit, legal costs, mortgage debt and even travel expenses for family members. It’s important to remember to choose your beneficiary wisely since they have complete control how the funds are used.

Can I buy Low Cost Cremation Insurance with bad Health?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, some people never apply for cremation insurance because they feel they will be turned down because of their health.  Cremation insurance policies are some of the easiest types of life insurance to get approved for. Unlike term insurance, low cost cremation insurance plans require no medical exams and most companies have a simple application with yes or no answers. We often find that people feel they are in worst shape than they really are. In fact, 90 percent of all of customers qualify for preferred coverage. Preferred coverage is the best low cost cremation insurance you can buy.

However, even if you have severe health issues, has a plan for you. We even have a few cremation insurance companies that don’t even ask any health questions on their application. These plans are called Guaranteed Issue whole life insurance. All guaranteed issue plans have a two-year waiting period and these plans tend to me more expensive since they are designed for individuals with severe health issues.


Types of Low Cost Cremation Insurance

  • Level/Preferred Coverage
  • Graded Coverage
  • Guaranteed Issue

Level coverage often call preferred coverage is the best cremation insurance that you can qualify for. Its immediate coverage so it does not have a waiting period. 90 percent of our clients qualify for level coverage. Level coverage should always be your goal when applying for low cost cremation insurance. Level coverage also brings the lowest prices in the industry.

Graded coverage is for those some health issues that can’t qualify for level coverage. Graded means that your death benefit would be paid out differently during the first two years. Some companies would pay 30% of the death benefit year one and 70 percent of the death benefit during year two. After two years, the entire death benefit would be paid out.

Guaranteed Issue plans don’t ask any health questions, so everyone is approved. Great option for those with severe health conditions who normally couldn’t get approved for traditional life insurance. Guaranteed issue cremation plans all have a two-year waiting period. This means your death benefit wouldn’t be paid in full until after two years. However, if you were to pass away during the first two years, most companies will give you all your money back plus 10 percent interest. If you were to die sudden because of an accident, your death benefit would be paid without having to wait the 2 years.

Why has a simple philosophy to educate first and earn your trust, then find you the lowest cremation insurance policy possible. That’s it. Plus, has access to 25 of the nations top cremation insurance companies. So, finding you the best price and the right plan won’t be a problem. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you through the entire process. You need to understand that all cremation insurance companies have their own underwriting departments and each company will look at your health conditions completely different at times. Therefore, it’s important to use an independent broker like who is an expert in end of time insurance and who has access to multiple companies.

Getting quotes from one insurance company with ONE plan is NOT in your best interest. Finding the RIGHT plan can save you thousands of dollars over time, is our top priority for you. Our licensed agents are highly trained and understand how important this decision for you is to make. Contact us now at 800-517-0810 and one of our specialist will assist you.