Cremation Insurance Policy – Why You Need One

cremation insurance policy

Who wants to think ahead to their funeral needs and why a cremation insurance policy is important? Not too many people… for this reason, countless families are left with the daunting task of planning funeral & cremation services for a loved one without the financial resources to pay for final expenses. If you are one of the many who haven’t thought about your life insurance needs or have put off getting started, now is the time to act. If you need convincing, here are ten reasons you need to secure your cremation insurance policy today.


#10- Family Comes First

When you think about having cremation insurance, it is something that is selfless. You are putting a cremation insurance policy in place for your family, not for yourself. Who wants their family to struggle through an already difficult time because they aren’t sure of your final wishes and how to follow through with them? Typically, when a person puts a cremation insurance plan into place to pay for cremation costs or funeral expenses, they are also able to make sure their family knows what their wishes are for memorial services and other details. Remember, cremation insurance policies are for the living.

#9- Financial Planning

During your twilight years, most people are on a budget because the income you have must last longer with less money coming in. That is the time to make sure the “must haves” are part of your financial plan. Of course, you will think of housing, transportation, health insurance, and other provisions you wouldn’t dream of living without. However, many overlook their cremation insurance policy as a must have. By including it upfront in your retirement planning, you will know it is taken care of before other discretionary spending take up the extra money in your budget.

Preplanning will protect your family from a financial hardship when you pass away. Remember, cremation insurance is whole life insurance. This means it lasts your WHOLE LIFE and monthly payment will NEVER increase.

#8- Cost of Cremation

cremation insurance cost

Many folks don’t realize that a traditional cremation can cost over $7,000 and that doesn’t even count other final expenses such as remaining debts and legal expenses. With the cost of cremation so expensive and rising with each passing year, this expense isn’t something small that family members can absorb. A cremation insurance policy is designed to pay for this expense and ensure your family can afford for your wishes to be carried out.

#7- Based on Today’s Good Health

Approvals and premiums for a cremation policy are based in part on your health history. Most people are as healthy as they will ever be right now. One of the benefits of a cremation insurance policy is that once they are in place, they can never be cancelled due to age or health. So, by getting a plan in place today, you are getting that policy based on today’s good health compared to tomorrow’s unknowns.

#6- Based on Today’s Age

Along with your current and past health profile, the other main factor in getting the best cremation insurance policy is your age. With each birthday, the rate at the time of approval goes up so today is the day you would be approved for the lowest monthly premium for cremation insurance. Once your plan is in place, the monthly premium can NEVER increase, regardless of a change in your health or as you growing older. Whole life insurance plans are set in place for your whole life, no cancellation or rate increase as long as premiums are being paid.

#5- Cremation Insurance Policy – Lowest Premiums Today

You are hard pressed to think of many things in your budget that decrease over time rather than increase with inflation. Cremation insurance premiums are no different. Over time, the cost of issuing a life insurance plan goes up. That means that today’s rates are the lowest you will ever pay, not just because of the health and age reasons mentioned above, but simply because cost of doing business will go up over time as well.

#4- Easier to Budget Now

We can all think about that subscription we have or going to get a weekly lunch or daily coffee. Those expenses are something we don’t really think about and didn’t miss from our budget. Planning for your cremation policy now means it will be more affordable and can work into your budget as a priority. Once the payment is part of your routine, much like the other small expenses you have, it won’t be missed, and it will have long lasting benefits when your family is taken care of in their time of need.

#3- Cremation Insurance Policy = Flexibility

One of the best benefits of a cremation insurance policy is, it provides for the insured and your family. By paying out death benefit to your beneficiary, they are able to execute your wishes without the constraints of having the funds paid to a funeral home or go through a third party. Your beneficiary can arrange your cremation services, pay any debts you would like, handle legal fees, and even provide monies where you designate such as a grandchild’s college fund or to some other family member or beloved charity. A cremation policy can do much more than pay for your cremation services with a lot of flexibility for you and your family.

#2- Peace of Mind

A cremation insurance policy can do more than just provide the financial means for your family to pay your cremation cost & final expenses. It can give you and your family something that you can’t put a price tag on- peace of mind. There is something to be said for being able to go to sleep each night knowing that the important things in life are taken care of. Having your cremation insurance in place is one of those important things.

#1- Love

cremation insurance policy

Yes, family again… your cremation insurance policy is for the love of your family. It may seem like something that can wait but at, we hear too many stories of families signing up for their cremation insurance plans because they just went through paying for a family member who didn’t have cremation insurance and they don’t want to put their own family through that ordeal.

Making sure your family is protected and can have the peace of mind knowing that your needs after death will be taken care of is an act of love that will be part of the legacy you leave behind. works with 20 of top cremation insurance companies, including Mutual of Omaha, Prosperity Life Group, AIG, and Royal Neighbors of America to name a few. Talk to your family and start your cremation insurance policy today. Call us at 800-517-0810 or click Get INSTANT Quotes Now to get started.