Cremation Insurance in Maine for Seniors

cremation insurance in maine

Maine brings to mind blueberries, lobster, and lighthouses. As the northern anchor of New England, Maine is a wonderful place for peaceful times with family. More and more seniors are enjoying Maine as a retirement destination and with that comes the season of life where most people are making sure their final wishes are known to family in case of their death. Cremation is rapidly growing as a funeral preference and that means it is important to know how to find the best cremation insurance in Maine.  Putting family first means protecting your family with the best cremation insurance Maine can offer to take care of the final expenses. Click below for a free quote. 


Is Cremation Insurance really available to all Maine residents?  

Cremation insurance is available for ALL adults ages 45-85 even if you have a health history of heart disease, cancer, or other health problems. It is important to consult a broker who can get you a variety of quotes from different companies because the rates and approval are based on age and health. Each company specializes in a particular niche so it can save a substantial percentage on your monthly premium to find the right provider. The best cremation insurance in Maine is the whole life insurance that gives you the most coverage at the lowest monthly payment.    

Peace of Mind-Protects your Family Memories 

Your family’s memories might include times at the beach, picking blueberries, or a lobster boil for a family reunion. As the twilight years approach, protect your family memories by securing cremation insurance to pay for the final expenses so your final family memories are the good ones. When you give your family peace of mind with funeral insurance, you make sure your family’s memories are the ones you want them to remember. To secure the best cremation insurance in Maine click get quotes or read on for more details about whole life insurance policies. 

What is Cremation Insurance and how can it help you and your loved ones?

Cremation Insurance is a whole life insurance policy designed to pay for expenses upon your death including cremation, funeral costs, and any other final expenses you may have. Sometimes Cremation Insurance is called Funeral Insurance or Final Expense Insurance. It is important to know that a Cremation Insurance policy will cover you for your whole life and not be cancelled as you get older or if you develop health problems.  This insurance protects your family from paying unexpected high costs of a funeral and gives you peace of mind that your final needs will be taken care of. The best cremation insurance in Maine will ensure that ALL your final expenses are paid for by making sure the policy is tailored to your exact needs. 


Types of Cremation Insurance Available

Cremation Insurance and all other types of whole life insurance plans are approved based on age and health. This means that there are different plans to fit different ages or health issues. About 90% of all applicants are approved for IMMEDIATE day one coverage. This means if you pass away, your family is protected the moment the life insurance plan is started. For the remaining 10%, this usually means that there is a medication or health problem that is preventing immediate coverage. For those clients the death benefit is either phased in over two years or there is a two year waiting period before the death benefit would be paid out.

The good news is that this only applies to about 10% of clients. Additionally, during the waiting period, the policy premiums are FULLY refunded if death occurs before the two years is up plus an interest amount is paid as well. If death occurs during the first two years accidentally, the death benefit is paid in full to the beneficiary. That is one of the features of the best cremation insurance in Maine- client’s premiums are fully protected and 90% are approved for immediate coverage. 

How can using a broker help you with your Life Insurance needs?

Using a broker to secure your cremation insurance means that we represent YOU, the client, not a certain insurance company. If you want the best cremation insurance in Maine, we have access to many companies to fit your needs. We are able to look at cremation and other final expense costs in Maine along with your personal preferences and needs to find you the policy that is exactly right for you and your family. Because we use many companies, we can get your Cremation Insurance policy approved even if you have poor health or pre-existing conditions. Even if you have been turned down before, we have you covered! Let us help you rest assured that your cremation expenses will be covered and get a FREE QUOTE now.