Cremation Insurance for Seniors

cremation insurance for seniors

Are you seeking affordable cremation insurance for seniors? You are not alone. As the senior segment of our population grows yearly and life expectancies are longer and longer, many seniors find themselves in need of cremation insurance or a whole life insurance policy to pay final expenses. Sometimes monies set aside for funeral expenses are being used for daily living due to health needs or relocation expenses. Other times, the term or employer provided policies that were relied upon are expiring or being canceled so seniors are finding themselves without life insurance. No matter what the reason, the good news for those in need is that there are numerous options for finding affordable cremation insurance for seniors. 


What is Cremation Insurance?

Cremation Insurance is a relatively new term in the world of life insurance for seniors. As the senior population grows, more and more seniors are choosing cremation as the way they would like their remains handled.  Families still have memorial services and gather in memory of their loved one who has passed. However costly burials and all the expenses that go along with them are becoming less common and cremation is growing in popularity.  Along with this is the need for cremation insurance- an insurance plan taken out exclusively to pay for cremation and other expenses that occur at one’s death. This works similarly to life insurance as it is meant to provide funds to pay for the cremation so that your loved ones and family aren’t left in a financial bind upon your death. 

Save Money- Use an Insurance Broker

Gone are the days where life insurance and other final expense insurance plans such as cremation insurance can be found by the agent on the corner. With many options and companies, a broker is able to help you sort through your choices for cremation insurance for seniors efficiently and with the lowest cost. Individual agents work with only one company so they cannot provide many choices. Fewer choices usually means paying more money or settling on a plan that might not quite fit your needs. An insurance broker like has access to many companies with excellent insurance ratings such Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Liberty Bankers Life Insurance, just to name a few. With the ability to shop rates and plans at different companies, we can find the one that perfectly fits your age, health profile, and death benefit needs. That is the most important step when finding cremation insurance for seniors – USE A BROKER! Otherwise you are left wondering if you truly got the best plan. 

Determine your budget and choose a plan

Now that you know your first step, you will want to figure out how much cremation insurance you would like and match it up with your monthly budget for the monthly premium. With so many companies and death benefit amounts available, we can be sure you find the most affordable plan for your budget. As a younger person with a family at home, life insurance needs are much higher. However during retirement years when your finances fit your needs, most seniors are simply looking to pay for final expenses as a blessing to their families. The best starting point is how much cremation costs in your area along with other common final expenses such as legal filings and a memorial service. If you aren’t familiar with average funeral costs in your area, one of the specialists can check that information for you. 


The fastest way to get started with seeing your options is to click on the free quote box on the left and you will receive quotes to get a general idea of what is available. Once you choose, finalizing the approval can be done usually within 24 hours! When you choose your cremation insurance plan for seniors, keep in mind that by having the whole life insurance in place, you are protecting your family against the financial burden of paying your final expenses. Be sure your beneficiary knows your wishes- it is a tremendous gift in an already difficult time to be confident about what you wanted for arrangements after your death. 

On a budget? Not a problem- Affordable is the key word

Most people looking for affordable cremation insurance for seniors are on a budget. Almost everyone has some limit to what they can spend or they wouldn’t need life insurance. The key to fitting the payment into your budget is being sure you are with the right company. Approval is based on age and health and each company has a niche. One company might specialize in people in almost perfect health while another company gives lower than average rates to those with heart problems and another takes on seniors over 80. Whatever the area where a company has lower than average rates, that is where comes in and can help find that for you so you can pay the lowest payment possible. 

Here is an example:

Let’s assume a 70 year old man who had a heart attack 10 years ago is seeking cremation insurance. He has been in good health ever since his heart attack and has one prescription he takes for this past health problem. One company might penalize that client up to $30 per month for having a heart condition where another company sees this person as in premium health because 10 years has gone by. If you only received a quote from the company who penalized the condition, you wouldn’t see how much less you could pay for the same cremation policy.  

The key is to have access to the companies who will give you the most coverage at the lowest rates. has that access and expertise. At the end of the day, any company can offer most people some type of life insurance. The question is whether it is truly the cremation insurance for seniors you are looking for. Usually if you only get a few quotes, you are going to pay more you needed to.

Cremation Insurance for Seniors with health problems

Sometimes clients seeking cremation insurance for seniors have had a serious health history or are currently in poor health. The reality is that premiums are based on age and health so people with health problems will pay more for their life insurance. In most cases, those folks are so used to being turned down for conventional insurance that they are relieved to hear that has access to companies who will GUARANTEE APPROVAL for all applicants. There is usually a higher monthly premium and sometimes a waiting period, but the good news is that all people can have some type of cremation insurance to protect their families, even when you have health issues. Thankfully, 90% of applicants are approved for DAY ONE immediate coverage at lower rates but in the event that you aren’t able to qualify for that type of policy, a senior whole life plan would be perfect for your needs. 

In a nutshell, cremation insurance for seniors is found by using a broker with access to companies who specialize in your exact needs as you enter the later years where you are wanting to be sure your final expenses are paid for upon your death. With all cremation insurance plans for seniors, the premiums are guaranteed for life and the policies never expire or get cancelled as long as payments are made. So YES- you can afford cremation insurance- let us help you now. Call us at 800-517-0810 to take the next step. One of our licensed specialist will take care of you.