Best Cremation Insurance for Funeral Expenses

best cremation insurance

Are you a senior who hasn’t put life insurance in place to protect your family? More and more seniors are considering cremation as an alternative to burial. How do you find the best cremation insurance if you are thinking about cremation as an option? Finding the best cremation insurance takes knowing what resources are available to you. Whether you are searching for cremation insurance for seniors over 60 as you entire retirement years or if you had a life circumstance that has left you in need for some kind of whole life insurance plan, the time to act is NOW.

The most important factor in life insurance is time and with every passing day you risk that your age or health conditions will result in a bump in price for your cremation insurance plan. Finding the best cremation insurance starts with getting a quote so you can compare your options.  Then you can enjoy your later years with the peace of mind knowing family will be able to financially afford to handle your final expenses and wishes. 

If you could turn back time…


If you had it to do over, you might have already had a cremation insurance plan in place but don’t worry- you aren’t alone if you don’t have any or enough life insurance. As the senior generation grows, many find themselves entering retirement years without considering what they were going to do when their employer provided insurance expired. Often times, middle aged adults have term life policies to protect their families while the kids are at home but when they become empty nesters, those policies expire and a lot of times, people don’t get started with a new life insurance plan.


This uninsured status puts your family at financial risk of paying your final expenses out of their pockets. That means if something should happen, all the financial costs associated with cremation, memorial services, final debts, and other expenses will come directly out of your estate with any remaining needs being paid for by your family. If you have let your insurance lapse or had a change in coverage leaving you uninsured, we can take a look at some options for you to get the best cremation insurance plan for seniors.  

Most URGENT need-Cremation Insurance for seniors over 80

If you are over 80 and either uninsured or under-insured, it is urgent that you put a plan in place. Thankfully, some of the best cremation insurance plans are available with GUARANTEED APPROVAL for seniors up to age 85.  Unfortunately, most plans aren’t offered for people over 85 so do not wait another moment. Many seniors in their 80s qualify for cremation insurance with instant approval and day one coverage. The rates might be a little higher due to your age but if you can get approved for day one coverage in your 80’s, congratulations on your good health! 

If you do have health conditions that prevent day one coverage, the good news is that our guaranteed issue cremation insurance has a short 2 year waiting period where accidental death benefits are still paid out in full during that time and premiums are refunded at 100% plus interest if death occurs during the waiting period. The interest paid is more than most banks pay these days so your premiums are guaranteed not to go to waste. 

Cremation Insurance for Seniors over 70

It is common for seniors to get cremation insurance in their 70’s. This is an age when many seniors realize their savings won’t cover their final expenses. Or they would like their savings to go towards other family gifts such as a grandchild’s college tuition or paying debts so the family receives the home or car debt free. Seniors who need the best cremation insurance when in their 70s have an easy process to apply for coverage. The application includes answering a few questions and a short list of yes or no answer health questions. Based on this, our specialized agents will place you with the company that matches your age and health profile. We use well known companies such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Family Benefit, and more. Over 90% of clients are approved for immediate coverage. 

If it turns out you have a health condition that prevents immediate coverage, you are guaranteed approval with one of our companies that offer a waiting period. Just like with older clients, your money is fully protected during the waiting period. Our cremation insurance experts help clients sort through all the companies available to find the one with the most coverage, the lowest rates, and if possible, immediate coverage. 

BEST OPTION- cremation insurance for Seniors over 60

best cremation insurance

Seniors in their 80’s often wish they could turn back time and get low rates and no waiting period….  The good news for recent retirees seeking the best cremation insurance for seniors over 60 is that you are applying for your whole life insurance plan at a time when the rates will be lowest and there will likely be no waiting period needed. Cremation insurance premiums are based on current age and health conditions along with medications taken. One of the best times to get a cremation insurance plan in place is in your 60’s because rates are so much lower when you buy early.


Cremation insurance is a type of whole life insurance plan.  This means that once you are approved, your plan is guaranteed for your WHOLE life. The premiums can never be raised, the death benefit is guaranteed, and your policy can never be cancelled as long as your premiums are paid monthly. Even if something changes with your health along the way, your plan is secure. When applying for cremation insurance for seniors over 60, you can start with getting a no obligation, free quote. Then a broker will contact you to let you know which companies were a match for getting you the most coverage at the lowest rates.  

Does your age matter?

Regardless of your age, the time to begin any cremation insurance policy is now. The rates will always be the lowest today. If you have been prompted to research the best cremation insurance, there is a likely a need for protecting your family from paying the cost of your cremation and other final expenses. The application process is the same for everyone. It begins with a short, simple application. Sometimes by using a broker, someone who was previously declined for day one coverage can be placed with a different company who specializes in covering seniors with a particular medical condition.  Ideally, when applying for the best cremation insurance for seniors, you should try for the best coverage possible.

This is why using a broker is important. An individual agent can only get you a quote from one company whereas a broker works for YOU the client, not just one insurance company. Usually a broker is licensed with numerous companies so they can compare many rates and options for your cremation insurance.That helps them get you the most coverage at the lowest monthly premium. 

Quick and easy- Simple!

Getting the best cremation insurance is simple and a quick turnaround. We can help you find the best cremation insurance for seniors whether you are 60 or 85 or any of  the ages in between. The most important thing you can do is get this started now because time is the biggest factor in getting you the best plan. The gift of peace of mind for family is a wonderful reward for spending just a short few minutes requesting a free quote to get the process started.