What is Cremation Insurance?

Cremation insurance is small whole life insurance policy designed to cover someone’s cremation cost and other final expenses at the time of their passing. A cremation insurance policy is great way to save your family members from the burden of expensive cost of cremation & funeral services.

Plus, cremation insurance plans are perfect for seniors only needing small coverage amounts from $2000 to $10,000 to cover their cremation services & final expenses. Here are some benefits of cremation insurance policies:

  • No medical exams EVER required
  • Coverage lasts your WHOLE life
  • Easy application process
  • Monthly payments NEVER increase
  • Affordable peace of mind
  • Small coverage amounts available


Cremation Cost – What you need to Know

cremation costs

In 2018, the cremation rate in the US was over 53 percent compared to 40 percent for traditional burial services. More and more seniors are opting for cremation over burial services simply based on cost. The average funeral cost is now over $9000 depending on what State you live in. Right now, cremation services can be 1/3 of the cost of a traditional funeral. Of course, your cost of cremation will be determined by the type of options/services you choose. Contact us for cremation insurance quotes!

How much does cremation cost?

Direct Cremation – is often the cheapest type of cremation service available. This is cheapest way to be cremated if you don’t want ANY funeral services. Direct cremation costs vary from state to state but most often around $1000 to $1500. Of course, the cremation costs above don’t include a cremation urn or other funeral home services. If you looking for the cheapest cremation insurance cost call us at 800-517-0810.

Traditional Cremation – are more common for those choosing to be cremated. Traditional cremations often include a viewing before the cremation, visitation or wake and other memorial services. Traditional cremations can range from $3000 to $6000 depending how elaborate you would like your arrangements to be. You can still have a full funeral service even if you choose to be cremated. A cremation policy can cover this and much more. Seniors often forget about other final expenses like medical bills, credit card debit or other end of life expenses. Just know.. the average cost of cremation is now around $5800.00 depending on what state you live in. How much is cremation in your state? Ask us to find out.

How much Coverage do I need?

This really depends on what type of cremation service you are wanting and which cremation services you choose. Our most popular cremation insurance plan is $5,000. This amount seems to cover most traditional low cost cremations for seniors who wish to be cremated. However, you REALLY should consider ALL of your final expenses that you may have. You want to make sure that your family is NOT burdened with your cremation funeral expenses at the time of your passing.

Here are some other expenses to consider when preplanning for your cremation and funeral expenses:

  • Medical Bills
  • Other Debits
  • Leaving monies behind for family members or loved one
  • Inflation costs

You can call us at 800-517-0810 and our licensed agents can help you determine your life insurance needs and how much prepaid cremation insurance you need. Click here for cremation insurance quotes.

How to Apply for Cremation Insurance for Seniors

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Most cremation insurance applications take less than 10 minutes start to finish. Plus, NO agent will have to come to your house and NO medical exams are ever required. All applications will be completed 100 percent over the phone and sometimes the use of a computer or smart phone is needed to sign the application. Applying for the best cremation insurance for seniors is simple and easy. Plus, here at CremationInsurance.us we make sure we find you a cremation insurance for seniors plan that is affordable as well.

We also can help assist you if you are wanting to purchase cremation insurance for parents. This will ensure that their final expenses will be covered so family members won’t have to cover the costs.

You can click Get Instant Quotes Now below to start the process. This will give you several different quotes from the best cremation insurance companies. You can also call us at 800-517-0810 and one of expert licensed agents will be happy to help you.

Why Prepaid Cremation Plans might not be your best choice

We get this question all the time. Should I just purchase a prepaid cremation plan? Prepaid cremations are definitely an option for some seniors. AARP cremation prepaid policy is a popular one. Just do your homework! You need to consider ALL your options before deciding to prepay for your funeral or cremation services. If going this route, make sure you choose a credible cremation service provider. Unfortunately, their have been some fake providers over the years. So, make sure you do your homework.

Here at Cremationinsurance.us, we believe buying a cremation insurance policy with a assigned beneficary is the better choice. Your beneficary will be awarded the monies from a cremation insurance plan within a few days. Then they can carry out your wishes just as you have planned. Remember, cremation insurance is whole life insurance.

How to Buy the Best Cremation Insurance Policy

CremationInsurance.us always recommends using a independent life insurance broker when shopping for life insurance. We say this because you should ALWAYS get multiple quotes before buying. Life insurance brokers have access to multiple life insurance companies, so you can compare several quotes from different companies within minutes. Then we recommend which carrier is best for you.. finding you the BEST cremation insurance policy.

Plus, you need to know that all life insurance companies will view your health differently. Sometimes it can be one application question or one medication that can determine your acceptance when applying. This is why CremationInsurance.us is appointed with 20 different cremation insurance companies.

Not only do we shop all of our companies to find you the best price, we also do the the same for your health. We find the right company that fits your health as well. Matching your health conditions with the correct company will ensure you get the best cremation insurance for seniors at the lowest price possible.


Cremation Insurance – Simplified Issue

Most cremation insurance senior plans are called simplified issue whole life insurance. Simplified issue life insurance means SIMPLE underwriting. Most of the cremation insurance carriers we use have simple yes or no questions on their applications. How you answer these questions will determine your acceptance. Cremation insurance companies will also take a look at your medication/prescription history as well for a final decision. Of course, your age, your build type and what State you live in can also determine your eligibility.

However, don’t stress about your health… because we have several companies that don’t ask any health questions and everyone who applies is approved.

Cremation insurance no health questions is called guaranteed issue life insurance. Cremation insurance guaranteed issue means your acceptance is guaranteed. No health questions are asked on the application and all who apply are accepted. Call us at 800-517-0810 and one of our licensed agents can help assist you determine which affordable cremation insurance policy is best for you.

Why use CremationInsurance.us?

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CremationInsurance.us is an independent agency who specializes in cremation insurance. All of our agents are licensed, trained and passionate about serving seniors in their end of life planning.

Since we work with 20 different cremation insurance companies, you have many options to choose from when selecting a cremation insurance plan. Shopping several companies, ALWAYS ensures you get the lowest price and best coverage available. Plus, we are impartial on which company you choose. We only recommend what’s best for YOU. We use companies like AIG, Mutual of Omaha and Prosperity Life Group to name a few. We offer cremation insurance plans for seniors up to age 85 and give you prices for the best cremation insurance within minutes.

Our speciality is small whole life insurance plans ranging from $2000 to $10,000. The days of long applications or having to buy more life insurance than you really need are over. You can click Get FREE Quotes Now to start the process or call us at 800-517-0810 for assistance. You can protect your family from a financial hardship within 10 minutes or less. Start your cremation insurance for seniors plan NOW!